Increased Trafficking And A Massive Inequality Gap in Peru

Trafficking and a massive inequality gap in Peru as been a growing and overshadowed problem for some time, “Here in Lima you can find restaurants to rival Manhattan, but you can also find places that are more like Mogadishu,” - Sam Jones, The Guardian

Organizations like Centro Yanapanakusun and  CEDEC Perú - Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario have been working for years to make a difference in protecting the marginalized and indigenous communities. Taking into consideration local cultures, identities and beliefs they have build organizations that support and empower girls and boys from within the existing societal framework instead of importing irrelevant education from other countries as many foreign aid groups tend to do.

Annalisa Iadicicco and I worked for two years to understand and document what effective education and empowerment looks like and the positive and negative consequences that education can have. Not all education is created equal, but the right kind will lead to changes on the ground that will make a difference for the boys and girls most at risk.

"Educate one person and change a household, educate a dozen and change a community. Educate a nation and we change the world" -Marlon Krieger, Diary of a Dream 


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