"Girl's Shouldn't Be Hit, Not Even With A Flower"- Italian PSA On Domestic Violence

See below for video
I love this PSA about domestic violence. Beautifully done, funny and quite frankly very touching.

I realize it doesn't portray DV accurately, in fact it's quiet misleading as to what domestic violence is.

 The majority of domestic violence cases are between people that know each other, usually evolve over time, and consist of grooming, control and psychological abuse. In the majority of situations rape and battery do not happened between strangers.

The reason I do like this video is that it speaks to what is at the core of us, to our humanity. It takes an optimistic, and in my opinion accurate outlook on who we are. Otherwise I wouldn't do the work that I do. We aren't born believing in violence or needing to use violence to exert control on our partners. In most cases violence is learned, it is behavioral. We don't grow up wanting to be murders, rapists and perpetrators of domestic abuse (exceptions exist). This video shows that we know right from wrong as young children and that means that it is possible to make a difference. We can stop it.

This ad oversimplifies a very serious issue that is often marginalized and misunderstood, and that can be the danger with such messages. But sometimes that is necessary to reach a wider audience that isn't as aware, or primed to recognize it. I understand some of the backlash around this video, but I think, I hope, that this video will help to make a difference in some small part. It reminds us of the innocence we are born with, and speaks not just to domestic violence but to all acts of violence.

At the heart of us all, is good.

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