Los Intocables (The untouchables) - Erik Ravelo

Los Intocables- by Erik Ravelo

© Erik Ravelo

Cuban artist Erik Ravelo has created a very poignant, in your face series about violence and abuses faced by children around the world. The images show children crucified to the backs of their perpetrators. Some are less present in our everyday consciousness, and others are well known, but seeing them in this way creates a stark reality for the viewer, bringing the topic into direct focus.

I'm sure he is receiving quite a bit of criticism for his approach, especially from religious communities, but I find it powerful and to the point. I commend him for this bold move and for the striking effect this campaign has on the viewer.

Erik Ravelo / F A B R I C A 2013
Creative Direction / Concept: Erik Ravelo
Photo: Erik Ravelo / Enrico Bossan
Post Production: Erik Ravelo

The Right to Childhood

Images and concept protected 
by the law.
2013 F A B R I C A.
© Erik Ravelo

© Erik Ravelo

© Erik Ravelo

© Erik Ravelo
Erik Ravelo is a Cuban sculptor, painter and multi media-artist. He is currently a creative director at Fabrica, the communications agency owned by the Benetton Group in Treviso, Italy. His campaigns for Benetton include "Unhate" which featured the controversial images of world leaders kissing. He was awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2012 for this series.

As an aside, it would seem that Facebook and YouTube have both banned the project, I had to pull the below video from MailOnline. If you can't see the video please visit my site directly.

For more information you can visit ericravelo.com

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