Refugee Hotel by Gabriele Stabile

According to the department of homeland security 56,000 refugees were admitted to the United States in 2011, mostly through the ports of New York, Newark, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

© Gabriele Stabile
In a very simple and clever way, photographer Gabriele Stabile has since 2007 been documenting the scary, strange and hopeful first night of arrival at the various airport hotels around the country. I can't imagine a better moment to capture the sentiment and emotion that must be overwhelming the newly arrived, depicting the personal and familial challenges in such a way that most of us can relate.

Refugee Hotel is a book by Stabile and journalist Juliet Linderman and tells a very important story that most of never consider.

For their 2011 Kickstarter campaign Stabile and Linderman wrote, 
“Three years ago, we set out to document the experiences of refugees from around the world on their first night in the United States, as they cross the border between their pasts and their futures. We traveled to the five international ports-of-entry in the United States—New York, Newark, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles—and photographed these refugees inside the airport hotels where each spent the first hours of his or her new American life. 

You can attend a presentation and discussion on
Thursday February 21, 2013,
Columbia Journalism School, Stabile Student Center,
Morningside Heights Campus,
2950 Broadway NY, NY 10027.
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Or the book Launch and Discussion
Tuesday February 26th, 2013
The Powerhouse Arena
37 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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