Don't bother to focus that picture

Rarely do we talk gear on this site, but this is worth mentioning, or discussing.

How many times have you looked at a shot and said to yourself "if only it was in focus". How much is picking your depth of field and choosing your point of focus a part of the art? Do you consider it a talent, a skill to cherish as a photographer? Is that a defining difference between point and shoot and SLR style cameras?

Lytro has, after much time,  released their camera which does not require you to focus while taking the picture. It uses the entire light field; all the rays of light traveling in every direction, enabling you to focus and to change your perspective whenever you want, on the computer, on your phone, etc.

All thats left to do now is to frame the shot. Go to the website and play with some examples.

How does this affect the professional photographer, will we see this system applied to all camera's in the future or is this a gimmick? Does this hurt the art?

Let me know your thoughts, I would especially love to hear from my colleagues on this one.

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