Favorite photos and a promise to myself-

I've been spending a bit more time day to day taking pictures of random things. I realized that I rarely shoot for fun anymore, only getting behind the camera for a purpose. This is my attempt to get the playfulness back into my photography.

My resistance to shooting casually, in part, has been a reaction to the inundation of photography. I was frustrated with a camera (or iphone) taking every moment hostage. I'd be gazing at the waves crashing over the Malec√≥n at sunset in Cuba only to be jarred back to reality by hearing the whirrs of flashes and clicks of shutters or enjoying a wonderful dinner here at home with a friend only to have him/her fumble for an iphone as if posting a photo validated a good time. 

I still believe there is a time and place for a picture, or rather a time and place not to take a picture, but this is the world we live in and we need to constantly adjust and adapt. I choose to experience every moment in the tangible world, but I will bring the lens back to my eye and every month share some of my favorites. 

(I wrote an article on this topic a while back, "Knowing What it Means to be Photographed" for Fuel you Photography)

These are my perceptions of the world around me:

orchid, backlit, drapes, blinds, lines, graphic,
An orchid backlit through drapes

NYC skyline
Looking up, I loved the negative space created by the buildings
music, venue, performance, live, drom, nancy danino
Nancy Danino performs live at Drom

mirror, orchid, black and white, wall
An orchid reflected in a mirror

metal, artsy, blurry

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