Stories from Peru-Teaching at a prison

While we were staying at the Centro Yanapanakusun we were approached by one of the teachers about lecturing for a photography class in a boys prison in Cuzco. The prison houses boys from all ages and for various offenses. Many are just street kids with nowhere to go suffering under a system that has no other way to deal with them but to put them in lock-up, others had broken serious laws. Most of the crimes committed were a question of survival, the harsh realities of abandonment and street life.

by Marlon Krieger and Annalisa Iadicicco, AI+MK

A class that normally consisted of 3-5 kids quickly swelled to 12 as the curious news spread that foreigners with camera's were around. We talked about shutter speeds, depth of field, lighting and just goofed around together taking pictures. We were allowed to take them to the courtyard where they played with our cameras and asked us questions. This is one of our more precious memories from our time in Cuzco, we send our thanks to Vannessa for this opportunity, we hope to return next time with some donated cameras in tow to continue teaching photography classes.

Annalisa Iadicicco and Marlon Krieger

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