Las Trabajadoras del Hogar-The story of child domestic workers by Annalisa Iadicicco and Marlon Krieger

Las Trabajadoras del Hogar-
We entered Peru in the beginning of November expecting a vacation. To visit family, climb Machu Picchu, and revel in good food and the joys of travelling. We were unprepared for what we encountered: Friendship and a story of maltreatment, survival and inspiration. Child Labor reaches 25.7% of all 6 to 13 year olds in Peru (INEI 2005).
We met children, bright eyed and full of life- working 15 hour days with no access to health care, education, or basic rights. Abused, neglected and marginalized, in a society that largely ignores the reality of a socially accepted system of Child Domestic Workers.
We were completly appalled and amazed by what we discovered. It was inconceivable to us how children as young as 7 years old could be forced to work, without compensation or protection by regular families, families with their own kids. And it was incredible to us that these kids, those who could, would end their day and arrive at the college exhausted but full of life, pure and joyful, excited at being given this opportunity to study. If it wasn’t the abuse they endured, or the isolation of having lost all contact to their families, or the lack of love they received, what really connected them all was their hunger to learn. They understood, better than most kids and many young adults studying around the world, that education was the path to freedom and their tool to confronting their situation.
We are shooting a documentary film to tell the story of a few individuals who are working as domestic laborers or have managed to escape its clutches in an effort to spread awareness, document the situation and raise money. Whether we change a system, or just touch one life, this will make a difference.

We will need your help, more information to come soon...
Annalisa and Marlon

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