Political Interview

On December 17th, 2015 I had the distinct pleasure of filming an interview with Member of Parliament Abdilrahman Jama of the Wadanni Party of Somaliland, interviewed by Adrian Tawfik for Democracy Chronicles.

Member of Parliament Abdilrahman Jama

Located on the Gulf of Aden, Somaliland is a self-declared state that is so far internationally unrecognized. Independence was declared in 1991 after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre. Even without recognition , Somaliland has managed to organize a working political system, government institutions, passports, currency and police force.

And to my delight this gave me the opportunity to work with Andrew McMullen again. We haven't worked together since filming portions of 'Hearts on The Ground' last summer. Nothing better then working with good friends, that bring talent and professionalism. Always great collaborating!
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