Last week I was on assignment for Intelligent Life Magazine. I joined a historian, archaeologist and a writer in the chase for parrots and archaeological evidence in the warm Caribbean waters. Story in the upcoming issue of Intelligent Life, written by Charles Laurence.

I love the ocean; her beauty and her power. I adore her majestic fits of range and her gentle caress when she rocks me to sleep. I love to survive off the ocean; eating fresh lobster, fish and conch, and I love working on a boat.

It wasn't until the wee hours of the morning on the third day, sailing from Booby Cay to Great Inagua that I regrettably accepted I wasn't a natural seaman and puked into a bucket.

In this picture, however, I am in my element, high above the Destiny II taking pictures. Thank you to Captain Tim of the Beluga and to Captain Dave of the Destiny II for their efforts in making this expedition happen and for hosting me. And thank you to Josiah, Sean and Charles, our resident historian, archaeologist and hack, respectively.

Photo by Charles Laurence

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