The Perfect Light And The Split Second That Lasted An Eternity

On mornings like this, when perfect light appears, warm and penetrating, I get greedy. All I want to do is consume it, more and more. I can't get enough of the golden light and I'm frantic to see as much of it as I can in as many different places as possible. I wish I could fill my pockets with it and keep it for later.

Strangely the more of it I get the calmer I become, the quieter things become on the inside and the more optimistic I am. Everything else fades away. It's like my soul does a skip-and-hop for joy. Time slows down until it stands still for a split second, a split second that feels like eternity because you understood everything. It all makes sense, you realize that things are where they should be and that it's all so simple. You accept the moment instead of worrying about the finish line, knowing you will get there one way or the other.

And then in a split second it passes, the warmth and the golden light fade as daylight appears and you again see the chaos and the challenges. All the obstacles come into the foreground and you loose the moment as stress and fear of failure creep back in. It all seemed so easy, so logical. If only I could have remembered it when I got to China town on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge

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