In Historic Speech Obama Begins to Revers 50 Years Of foreign Policy Towards Cuba

And long overdue it was. The embargo is a failed attempt at strong-arming a nation if there ever was one. A senseless policy that deprives everyday Cubans of material goods and physical freedoms while allowing the Cuban government a scapegoat for all their economic woes. While this is not an end to the embargo it's a welcome step in the right direction.

In my travels to the Island from 2005-2012 I found a nation filled with pride and beauty. I always tried to capture what I saw, not where I thought the island was going or the forces of change that where evident, even back then. I tried to focus on what Cuba was exactly in that moment, a behavioral study of the Island and it's people. Nothing more. In that I found a country of immense beauty and passion, cultured and proud but with a layer of gentle sadness that only became apparent to me once the emulsion set on my 35mm film.

With Obama reopening diplomatic relations and promising to reexamine U.S. policy on Cuba, I look forward to many positive changes for the Cuban people, on their terms and I hope that the changes will be curated and protective of Cuba's culture, focusing on enhancing domestic production and it's underused resources rather then turning it into a playground for Americans.

I fell in love with the Island and it's people in the first days that I had set foot on it and continued to travel to Cuba in discord with the United States travel ban, documenting an island in the stream of politics, ideologies and imaginations. Island in The Stream is Cuba as I saw it.

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