The Wrinkles of the City

It's not often that I am excited about artistic projects in regards to Cuba. Having spent as much time traveling and photographing there as I have, I've become tired of the same approach to the same storyline. The attempts at capturing the essence of Cuba are in most cases superficial at their best, and  downright insulting at their worst. (And I am not, by the way, against criticisms on my own work, so with such a strong rebuke I feel it only proper to give you an opportunity to judge for yourself the merit of my work in this context)  

But this week I will post about two projects that I not only very much enjoyed but also found downright refreshing and inspiring.

The first is The Wrinkles of the City- Havana, Cuba by JR and José Parla. I've talked about JR's work before on this blog and have always enjoyed his giant mural like prints. But this time he has combined his work with the very talented José Parla, the product is a beautiful, visual and poetic storyline that has been executed as huge murals in Havana, and is of course also available in book form.

It was created for the 11th Havana Biennial and is comprised of photo murals taken by JR of residents that have lived through the Cuban revolution. These are then combined with the calligraphy work of José Parla, and installed as giant murals in the neighborhoods of the people in the images. Explosive, beautiful and poetic, I was really touched the first time I saw these images and fell in love with their execution but also their stories.

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