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Through Julia Kahl at Slanted Magazine, I recently learned about their upcoming issue, which I am extremely excited about and is the second project in relation to Cuba (see The Wrinkle of the City post ). 

"Cuban Poster Art- The New Generation which will be released in March 2013 and will present Cuban poster art, music, design and typography."

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In addition to the magazine there will be a bilingual translation (Spanish/English) and exhibitions in Berlin, Paris and Leipzig as well as copies of the magazine shipped to Cuba.

I'm always excited and intrigued to see new art coming from Cuba. Through their rich history and political climate, Cuban art has taken on a very distinctive flavor without the loss of originality. This area of graphics especially, which incorporates a variety of different art mediums including street art, graphic design, typography and drawing can really act as a social barometer and it is fascinating to witness. So I tip my hat to the people at Slanted Magazine for this issue's theme and the passion and dedication with which they are going after it.

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If you also really enjoy this work you should consider helping out, even in a tiny way. Slanted has started a crow-funding site to help them get copies of the issue to Cuba, so that the Cubans may enjoy and take pride in their own great artistic achievements. The funding will also help to pay for additional exhibitions and translations of the issue. All helping support and spread the word about these very talented Cuban artists.

Think about it, but at the very least take a look at the site and some of the work. You can make a financial contribution on their actual site with great goodies to be had like original signed posters and copies of the magazine.

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