Think Outside the Cell & VII

Following up on my June post (VII Agency to Produce Doc Film) here is a sneak peak of the project that NY photo agency VII and Think Outside the Cell Foundation will produce on the challenges that formerly incarcerated people face when reintegrating into society. 

Crime and punishment is complicated, and our oversimplified approach to processing and managing prisons and its inhabitants is shameful. We spend fortunes of tax payer dollars to keep people in prison, but don't focus enough on supporting them and empowering them so that those who challenge themselves to change may one day return to be productive members of society.

The American incarceration rate is the highest in the world whereas our crime rate isn't exactly the lowest. 

Jessica DimmockAshley GilbertsonRon Haviv and Ed Kashi of VII are collaborating as a team to document subjects as they reintegrate into society.

Thank you to Kimberly J. Soenen of VII agency for sending this over

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