Helmut Newton Article with Frank Horvat

Courtesy of American Suburb X

Helmut Newton

A couple memorable excerpts:

"I worry myself sick, I swear to you, I think every photographer must. When I go off a job, when I drive home or take a plane, I go through it all and keep saying to myself : “I should have done it this way and not that way”."

" If I set up a picture and I put myself in it, and I frame it, and I say to my assistant : “Take it”, he may have clicked the button, but I took the picture."

"But more so. Maybe I would like to dress up as a dirty old man, or as a costumer. I’ve been thinking about that for more than ten years, but have never done it. It may be amusing – or maybe it will be terrible. That’s the great thing about photography, unless you try it you will never know."

"Well first of all I say : “God was I stupid, I should have done it that other way”. That happens all the time. Probably to every photographer."

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