Shooting with the Leica S2

I had the honor of shooting with the Leica S2 on Sunday at the Levi's store. I'm not usually one to be impressed by new cameras as I have always preferred my analog film camera over any of the new digital ones. However, the S2 was impressive exactly for the reason why I'm not the biggest fan of digital. The feel and sound of its shutter hark back to the days when taking one(1) picture meant something- when each frame was worth something.

The cold metal feel of the shutter release button mixed with the sound it made when opening and closing; quiet, sharp and substantial, felt simply real. I found myself slowing down, appreciating each frame and taking my time composing each shot. Looking through the viewfinder felt like a moment in time again, I remembered why I enjoyed photography. The gigantic size of the eye whole was a big factor, I was able to see in detail what I was shooting, like looking down onto a Hasselblad viewfinder. Holding my Mark II afterwards felt like I was playing with a toy.

It has its draw backs; such as terrible resolution on the review screen and only one setting for fps, which in this case i enjoyed very much. Neither of these should an issue on a camera of this caliber and price. Nonetheless I really enjoyed working with the S2.

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