Jessy Caroline and the Hot Mess

I went to Jalopy on Tuesday night to see Jessy Caroline and the Hot Mess, I had heard them before at Jules on St. Marks, Ms. Caroline's voice bellowing out over the noise of the dining crowd, but I wanted to see her on a proper stage and amplified. So I made the trip Carroll Gardens to see her with a microphone and a full ensemble. They were the freshest musical experience i've seen all year. Her voice, somewhere between Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith, is as delightful as it is astounding, she really reaches your emotion. She maintains an unshakable rhythm through-out the performance taking complete control of the band and instigating solos. The band itself is made up of very talented musicians who are ingenuitive and daring, they seem to know each others thoughts, anticipating the next note in the many improve solos and cutting contests throughout their set.  I'm no music critic but I'll tell you this is worth it.

Check them out, you won't regret it and I guarantee you'll want to buy one of their cd's

image © Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess

Jessy Carolina: North Dakota/ NYC 
Horatio Baltz: Pennsylvania 
Jerron Paxton: California 
Jay Sanford: South Carolina 
Satoru Ohashi: Japan/New Orleans/NYC 
Mario Maggio: Florida

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