'Hearts on the Ground' featured on ViewFind

As many of you know, for the past five years I have been working on a project called “Hearts on the Ground”, a photo essay and short documentary.

“What is it in our culture giving men free reign to commit violence?” asks Cristine Davidson, an indigenous survivor of sexual abuse.

More than one in three Native American women will be raped during her lifetime and more than half will experience domestic abuse, according to the Department of Justice. The indigenous community also scores the highest rates of depression, substance abuse and mental illness compared to all other ethnic groups in the United States.

My aim has been to showcase how historical trauma, inflicted colonization and the “assimilation or annihilation” policies brought on by various governments of the United States have influenced the reality of America’s first people to this day.
I am honored and excited to now have the support of ViewFind.

ViewFind is a website that showcases the work of photojournalist to editors in various media. Projects they showcase are handpicked, assigned a photo editor and a writer.

They collected my notes, saw the short video, interviewed me and then compiled a presentation. The final write-up is featured on their website as of today, see the presentation at https://viewfind.com/story/hearts-on-the-ground
Please consider sharing the link with friends and family and post it to your social media. Not many people know the history and realities involved, this is a small step towards raising awareness.

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