This Is What Democracy Looks Like

The most amazing part of today was seeing so many people of difference backgrounds, circumstances and experiences representing their different interests and aspirations. Coming together to speak as one voice. 

While there where some isolated instances of tension, as far as I witnessed the day passed peacefully. I did come across supporters of President Trump in red caps holding signs such as "close the borders" and "drain the swamp", standing indignantly on a trailer. They were quickly surrounded by a large crowd chanting "shame".

Pro Life protesters where also present, albeit in much smaller numbers. Interaction between them and pro choice supporters was minimal.

The greatest outcome of all if this is renewed interest in politics and hopefully a new level of activism that has been steadily growing in this country over the last few years. We need to keep the momentum going, even when it stops being fun and glamorous, we need to speak our mind and express with our actions.

Spending the day at the Women's March in D.C. was the dose of inspiration I needed to believe in this country again and our system. Thank you all for your strength, beauty and courage. I am honored to have had the chance to walk besides you.

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