I'll be speaking at UC Berkeley February 19th on Sexual Violence, Colonialism & Trauma

Exploring the Intersections: Sexual Violence, Colonialism & Trauma
4pm-6pm PST, Febraury 19th, 2015
UC Berkeley's Multicultural Center
Heast Field Annex-D, Berkeley California 
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I am very honored to be speaking at UC Berkeley alongside Nikki Crowe at an event organized by Meg Perret. Meg has done a fabulous job putting this together and coming up with a framework that touches on a very important and underreported reality.
This event seeks to spark conversation at UC Berkeley concerning how racialized violence intersects with sexual violence. In particular, this event focuses on the compounding impacts of racism, colonialism and patriarchy in Native American women’s experiences with sexual violence. 
I will also pre-screen the pitch reel for Hearts On The Ground - the documentary I've been working on for the past three years, which will go into production Spring 2015.
Hearts On The Ground
One in two Native American women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime; one in three will be raped. Through one woman's evolution from victim to survivor and from hate to forgiveness we look at the state of violence in American Indian communities today and the burden a historical approach of annihilation or assimilation by the U.S. government has placed on them.

The event is free and open to the public, so please join us.

*Sponsored by: 
The Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq), UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley's Multicultural Center (MCC) 
Center For Race & Gender
Native American Studies Program 
Native American Student Development Office
ASUC Intellectual Community Fund 
*This event is free & open to the public
*ADA accessible

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