Buzkashi Boys-Screened in Afghanistan

Sam French's new short film Buzkashi Boys is an award-winning short film screened in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. The movie was shot entirely in Kabul. It is a coming of age story about two Afghan boys, Rafi a blacksmiths son and Ahmed, a amiable  street rogue. Both dream of being buzkashi riders, a national sport similar to polo but interestingly played with a goat's carcass. The film is notable for it's authenticity, cinematography and the young actors performance. 14 year-old Fawad Mohammadi has been a street vendor since the age of five and has no prior acting experience.

Whatever you make think of the movie or the performances, I think it's important to support these types of projects and all arts coming out of Afghanistan. When people begin to create and use their imaginations: use art to explore their own experience and situations, you are one step closer to a healing and evolving a nation. (We could use some more original creation in our own country as well)

As reported by NPR, French's twop goals were to respect the Afghan culture in making this movie nad to train the next generation of Afghan Filmakers. He says that the crew and actors were an integral part of creating the story.

"We started an NGO called the Afghan Film Project to try to foster Afghanistan's film industry and train Afghan filmmakers".

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