Interactive documentary (like you've never seen) with Danfung Dennis

Another possible game changer for the documentary photographer: we won't even have to decide how to frame an image, you'll be able to look around the situation as you please- Google maps meets documentary photographer.

Photojournalist and Academy Award Nomiated filmmaker Danfung Dennis (Hell and Back Again) and his company Condition one has embarked on a pilot program to develop this new technology of which you can see a bit here:

(if you cannot see the video please go to The MK Photography Blog directly)

You can download an app showcasing the technology form the iTunes store (here)

This technology when it becomes realized will have a number of applications from sporting events and concerts to documentaries and even cinema. It also mean less control for the traditional visual journalist. So much has changed for us since the years of 35mm film, it's a daunting and exciting time.

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