Down and out- help!

I received this email today from my closest friend, please read it and repost it. If you think you can help shoot me a mail and I'll pass you on

I just met a guy on the street that was in a bad way - Crying his heart out, actually.  I agreed to help him out so he'll be ok for a couple of days now.  We spent some time talking and I found him to be genuine.  Lost his fiance in a car crash he says.  Been on the streets since May after losing his job at 311 working for the city - been on the streets for the last 3.5 months.  He looks the part of a recovering, but also like he's been sober for a good long while now as well.  He told me 18years dry.  He's a 44 year old named Rick Kilpatrick with a bunch of customer service rep. type experience, both for 311 and companies like Verizon, etc...   The point is:  If anyone knows - or more importantly, can inquire - of any non-manual (heavy lifting) job, preferably full-time, where they'd be able to take this guy on immediately, please let me know.  I have his resume that I can forward on.     


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