I'm donated work to Habitat for Humanity International

I am donating two pieces to the Haiti Rebirth Charity Brunch, please show your support.

On May 15th , 2010 at Columbia University there will be a fundraiser, Haiti Rebirth Charity Brunch, aimed at raising money for Habitat for Humanity International. Out of sight is not out of mind, just because the challenges facing the Haitian people is not covered as in depth as it was initially after the crisis does not mean that their suffering has ended. People need food, medical attention ( a large part of the international medical community as left Haiti), and most importantly homes. Hurricane season is approaching fast and people living in tents or half destroyed homes are in danger of flooding and landslides which have historically plagued Haiti. Danger of infection and polluted water are also a major issue during heavy rains.

Money raised from this event will go to Habitat for Humanity International and will be earmarked for reconstruction and recovery.

With the rainy season in May, your $100 ticket will help Habitat provide:

Emergency kits – $250 each
Transitional shelters ranging from $1,000 – $2,500 each
Core homes for a family of five – $4,000 – $6,000 each

Your Ticket Includes:
Silent Auction and Reception
Brunch (Includes traditional Haitian cuisines)
Panel Discussion
Musical Performance
Traditional Haitian Dance Performance
Donation to Habitat for Humanity International

*If you can not attend, but would like to MAKE A FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE
DONATION toward Habitat for Humanity’s work in Haiti, go to:


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