Selling prints of Winter to help fund my Latest Project in Duluth, Minnesota

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Last time I was in Duluth, MN I naively stepped off the plane mid-March in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers only to find 3-5 feet of snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. Man was I out of my element. Cold and red nosed I went about my work researching a project on education and domestic abuse from a Native American perspective. What I found was beauty, devotion and culture as well as hardships, injustice and pain.

Native Americans have been on this land for thousands of years, they've endured brutal conquest and continuos subjugation through government policy and racists stereotypes still in place today. I'm spending time with an invisible people that have mesmerized our imaginations for so many years through Hollywood and art-work but have never fully become a part of this nation-state. We failed to understand their history and place in a contemporary world nor have we given weight to their cultural norms, religious beliefs or social institution within our own. These elements are not at odds with a contemporary American society, but an important part of it and of every single person living on American soil.

I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who opened their hearts to me and taught me about the nuances of Domestic Abuse and policies relating to them, dispelled many misconceptions and began to show me Anishinaabe culture and traditions.

In the last email I exchanged with one of the women, she told me that "Ziigwan (spring) has finally told Biiboon (winter) to stop flirting with her, and it looks like we may have an actual spring!"

I loved the line so much that I wanted to share with you pictures of Biiboon. I found the views so peaceful and quiet, the white of the sky touching the white of the earth creates an infinity that opens your imagination and sets you off dreaming.

Snow covered Nett Lake in Duluth, MN photograph by Marlon Krieger
Nett Lake at the Bois Forte Reservation photo by Marlon Krieger
snow covered Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota photography by Marlon Krieger
Lake Superior photo by Marlon Krieger
snow covered Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota photography by Marlon Krieger
Lake Superior photo by Marlon Krieger
snow covered Nett Lake Duluth, Minnesota photography by Marlon Krieger
Nett Lake at the Bois Forte Reservation photo by Marlon Krieger

An snow covered factory near Cook, Minnesotta photograph by Marlon Krieger
Factory near Cook, MN photograph by Marlon Krieger
Pabst and Coke on Highway 53 Photograph by Marlon Krieger
Tow-truck on Riverstreet photograph by Marlon Krieger

In an effort to raise money for my work on education and domestic abuse from a Native American perspective I am selling fine art prints of a select few photographs in high editions. This allows me to offer prints at the special price of $50, $95 and $195. 

With the sale of any item you will receive notifications regarding the project and be the first to see the completed version.

Think of this as a great gift for a friend, loved one or a present for yourself while supporting a creative project and good cause. These are high quality art prints, signed and editioned.

Allow up to 45 days for your print to arrive, I will do my best to get it to you sooner

Set of 20                                                                    $65
16pt card stock                                       

Fine Art Prints

11x14 digital C print                                                    $109 + $6 shipping
signed, matted and in edition of 125

16x20 digital C print                                                    $203+ $12 shipping
signed, matted and in edition of  99

If you would like one of the images in a lower edition please inquire about available sizes and prices privately via email.

And please share this post on Facebook and Twitter, even if you are not buying, maybe someone you know will take an interest.

Feel free to contact me with any questions

Thank you,
Marlon Krieger


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