I had the pleasure of shooting for La Criatura Theater-

Written by Karina Casiano  Original idea by Karina Casiano and Jorge Dieppa
Performed by Renzo Ampuero and Karina Casiano  Choreography by: Daniel Irizarry, Karina Casiano and Renzo AmpueroSet Design: Jorge Dieppa  Lighting Design: María Cristina Fusté
Costume Design: Awymarie Riollano  Props and Special Effects: Ańton Lago
Music: Andrés Rotmistrovsky  Stage Manager: Edna Lee Figueroa

"An unusual blend of physical theater, science fiction and political parable...'The Orphans' twists the formula".
"...everything significant is conveyed through graeful, stylized and seemingly gravity-defying movement."
"Katrina Casiano wear a lot of hats...-along with the dynamic Daniel Irizarry-but she also has the chops and clarity of vision to pull it off."

The New York Theater Review said:
"The story is told through death defying contact improvisation with walls, set pieces, anmd finally each other."
"Both performers' stunning and minutely-specific physical control is consistent and euqwlly impressive thought the performance."

They will be performing in New York in June, dates to come, and then will be moving the show to Brazil.

Check out La Criatura Theater

some additional images from the shoot:
Photography by Marlon Krieger

Photography by Marlon Krieger

Photography by Marlon Krieger

Photography by Marlon Krieger

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