Nikon vs. Canon

Age old argument right? I've been a Nikon shooter since the beginning of my career and I have always loved a Nikon for the way they are built and the way they feel. My camera always became an extension of my hand; unobtrusive and functional, what I needed from it on the streets. I've traveled the world and battled the elements, every time my Nikon survived, sometimes bruised and battered but never worse for wear. The lenses, the light meter, the durability and versatility amazed me and solidified my loyalty.

Then came the digital age and I stuck to my Nikon like a deck hand to a ship in a storm, choosing the d300 and then the d700 over the comparable Canons. They still felt better, have wider range in Af points, had the speed and the low light shooting abilities, and I was loyal...

Alas, we must learn to adapt and change according to our environment and our needs, I am making the transition to Canon. Albeit  not completely, I still shoot primarily film for my personal work and will continue to use Nikon unless there are some dramatic advances in Canon film cameras, which is doubtful. I need more MP and a better full size sensor, on top of that my video camera just went kaput. I have no budget. What Nikon can I buy to get higher res pictures?..? I would like to see Nikon come up with a camera to compete with the Canon 5d for instance. Full size sensor, 21mp, HD video at $2400.00. Compare that to the D3x at $7000.00, video?

When Nikon releases something that is competitive for my market, I may just return. I will shoot Nikon Lenses on my Canon thanks to a new adapter that has been released.

I'm sure not all will agree, especially sport photographers and wildlife photographers, etc.  But for now I will shoot Canon and Nikon. Maybe it is a new world!? I will always shoot film. 35mm, medium format, there is nothing like it.

Marlon Krieger

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