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Cristine | Hearts on the Ground | Post 3/3

Cristine has survived years of childhood sexual violence from her step-father Dale, a healer in her community. Her story was one of the first I heard, beginning to end. The emotional control her perpetrator used to groom Cristine at a young age, the sexual violence that began and lasted for 8 years, and her healing journey. She spoke with confidence, knowledge and a deeper understanding that surprised me. Her eyes stared straight ahead, open and bare, and she told me her pain, and that of her people. For hours we spoke, then I came back and we spoke for many more hours, many more times

I found her laughter to be heart warming. Often she would laugh as a way of saying "obviously", and it put me at ease, seeing her eyes crinkle and sparkle- maybe because I knew of the pain behind them, maybe because I needed reassurance that the horrors Cristine went through in her life- don't always destroy you.

I did notice little things, the knives strategically placed in every room of …

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